生徒さんからの声/Reviews from Students

June 30, 2021

Student Y and her mother from Japan

From mother : I looked for a tutor who can teach Japan method math in English for my daughter. And I believe that he is best teacher ever! He teaches her patiently, and my daughter is able to understand what he teaches. She lacked her motivation and confidence in studying math, but she started to enjoy studying now. Really appreciate him being great tutor!

From daughter : He is my math tutor. His explanation and his teachings has helped me a lot with my understanding in mathematics when I am struggling. Ever since he taught me, my math grade has boosted little by little and I really do appreciate him as my tutor along with his patience and his kindness despite the fact that I’m quite forgetful.

March 21, 2021

Student H from China


※He got accepted to Shinshu University./信州大学の繊維学部に合格しました。

January 28, 2021

Student H from Canada


December 8, 2020

Student H from Malaysia

As an 18 year old who is aiming to enter a Japanese university and thus, needed to take the EJU exam, I am grateful to have found my tutor, he has taught me EJU Mathematics for over a year. He is a tutor who is not only friendly, but also attentive and he is able to speak English which has made learning much easier for me. He has covered all of the topics and formulas needed to take the exam as well as guiding me through difficult questions and at the same time, explaining it until I fully understand. I am confident to say that he has helped me a lot in preparing me for the exam and is thankful to have found him through his website.

※She got accepted to the school of medicine in International University of Health and Welfare/国際医療福祉大学の医学部に合格しました。

December 3, 2020

Student R from Singapore

He was my tutor for a year from November 2019 till November 2020. Before taking his lessons I couldn’t do Mathematics to save my life; I was allergic to Mathematics and would have done anything to escape it. I failed examinations consistently in large part due to my lack of interest in the subject. As a last-ditch attempt to improve my grades for the Examination for Japanese Universities (EJU), I enlisted hiss help a week before the examination. Although there wasn’t much time left, this saw me passing the examination at 100/200 (50%), which would normally have been impossible.

This year I re-sat my EJU and am currently waiting for my results. However, I am confident that hiss help has been instrumental in allowing me to gain a keener understanding and appreciation of Mathematics. He is very kind and forgiving, and I do believe that his disposition allows him to help almost anybody who seeks his tutelage.

If you find yourself much in the same position as I was in last year, I cannot recommend him enough. I have nothing but respect for him for helping me find confidence and success in my studies – and I do sincerely hope that he can help you too.

November 28, 2020

Student H from UAE

I have been learning math with him for almost a year now and I am very grateful for his help. My math level was very low and I was worried that I would not be able to get into the major I wanted in university. He gave me positivity and confidence in my weakest subject. He is also knowledgeable and amazing teacher, his way of teaching is very clear and explains the concept until I understand by answering my questions neatly. I have improved so much and I can solve much more than when I first started. My class was structured to first explains the lesson and going through some related questions. He gave me questions after class to make sure I clearly understood the concept. If I had any question, he would explain and he also gave me extra questions from the specific concept I had troubles solving. He adjusts the structure of the lesson according to my level and he is not only easy to talk to but also very patient and will not hesitate to explain many times in various ways. I have tried different tutors but he was organized and I felt like I learnt the most from him out of any teacher. I think he is extremely caring for his students and gives thoughtful advice as well. I would highly recommend him to any student who needs support because he will definitely be able to help.
I hope I can have more classes again. Thank you so much.

October 13, 2020

Student A from Canada

He is a great teacher and mentor. I enjoy his classes because his lessons are well organized, engaging, and he teaches concepts very clearly. I have been having physics classes with him for over 3 months now (usually 2 lessons per week), and so far we have completed: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Vibrations & Waves, and Optics. He is patient and clear in explaining difficult concepts and in answering my many questions. I have learned, and am continuing to learn university level physics with him, which I have found to be tremendously helpful (I am a first-year undergraduate student). He tailors our classes/lessons according to my needs. We usually go through concepts first, and then he provides example problems and applications for those concepts. Then, we work through more practice problems to solidify my understanding. Thank you!

August 3, 2020

Students S‘s mother from Japan


August 7, 2020

Student K from Japan

アメリカに留学していて数学に使われている英単語や問題のやり方を先生に教えてもらっています。 先生の授業はとてもわかりやすく生徒のことを考えてくれていると思います。おかげで前まで分からなかったところが今ではスラスラ解けるようになれました。非常に助かってます! また、スケジュールの点も生徒の時間帯になるべく合わせてくれるので凄くやりやすいです。これからも先生との授業で自分のステータスを上げられるように頑張れたらなと思います。

May 25, 2020

Student S from Japan


May 17, 2020

Students S, A and A‘s mother from UK

He is a fantastic teacher. He teaches my three children ages 4,7,15. He uses worksheets to teach the younger children. this helps them to understand and enjoy the lessons. My older son also enjoys his lessons, and finds him very easy to talk to and as well as learning they also have a laugh. All the children are comfortable with him and enjoy their lessons with him. I would highly recommend him for any age group, he is well able to teach and interact with all ages. We have a lot of lessons around 5 a week and my children always look forward to them.

May 13, 2020

Student A from Malaysia

I’ve been having 5 months of online tuition with this teacher, and my understanding towards math is keep on improving thanks to him. He is very patient towards everything, if i have some question that i cant answer he will explain it to me until i fully understおおd.ありがとございました!

March 17, 2020

Student K from China

He is a capable teacher, who is able to talk about various subjects. Specific subjects include Physics and Mathematics. I’ve taken his classes for nearly an year now, and I’ve managed to improve my grades in school thanks to his tutoring. I’m now on my way to an university in America with a scholarship, and I’ve also begun to enjoy subjects I disliked before.

February 14, 2020

Student N from Canada

I had a possibility to fail the mathematics in college then I found this amazing teacher. Since he taught me the math with practical examples which encourages people who don’t like math, I’ve been feeling that math is actually good. Then I passed the class and now I’m taking the new math class but I don’t have anxiety anymore!! 日常の生活に数学が関係していることを楽しく教えてくれます!いつもありがとうございます!

December 30, 2019

Student M from Korea

He is a very kind and thorough teacher. Although our online tutoring sessions were held over a brief period of time, he adjusted lessons to my specific needs and was very flexible with his schedule. He made sure that lessons were taught in an active manner with him first teaching me the material and me later trying to solve problems on my own. I took away a lot from his classes and now find math more exciting. Thank you very much!

November 30, 2019

Student E from Australia

海外MBAを受講中で、経済学で使う計算や、数学で使われる英語がわからず、数学的な部分を一から教えて頂いてます。 どんな問題にも柔軟に対応していただき、また初歩的な質問にも快く答えていただいたおかげで、最初は全くわからなかった為替の計算や経済のグラフの見方など、色々な事がわかってきて、勉強も楽しくなってきました。 元々数学には苦手意識が強かったのですが、いつも穏やかかつ親身に指導してくれるので、安心して問題に取り組めています。

November 10 , 2019

Student K‘s mother from Vietnam

Sensei is a wonderful teacher. He is so kind and patient. He teaches math in a clarifying way for his students. Additionally, he is friendly teacher so my daughter is always looking forward to studying with him. I recommend him!

November 3 , 2019

Student Y from Malaysia

Sensei is a very good teacher. My grades improved dramatically since being tutored by him. いつもありがとうございます。

October 4 , 2019

Student S from Japan


September 18, 2019

Student J from Singapore

He is very friendly and understanding. Whenever I struggled with a question or topic he would always explain the concept and solutions in various ways so that I would understand. He has never forced me to study, he has always been understanding of my personal life besides studying and has positively encouraged me to work harder. He is extremely knowledgeable, funny and understands my potential and limits, in which he would suggest to take breaks when necessary.

March 26, 2019

Student M from USA


March 25, 2019

Student E from Taiwan

He is really a very serious, but also humorous teacher. He always corrects my sentence if grammar is not correct even though he knows what I want to express , and always be patient explaining the various situations to let me know. I really enjoy the lessons with him. He is the first tutor that after taking the first lesson and then I feel no hesitation to proceed another 10 lessons plan! I am looking forward to taking the lesson every week now 🙂

October 08, 2018  

Student from Dominican Republic  

Es muy buen profesor y enseña de una manera dinámica, con la cual puedes aprender el idioma mas rápido.

(Google Translation: He is a very good teacher and he teaches in a dynamic way, with which you can learn the language faster)

September 20, 2018  

Student Y from Japan  


September 17, 2018

Students from Columbia


L)べんきょうとか いろいろと先生におしえてもらったり、かけざんとかおぼえられたり、いろいろとまなべたりしてうれしいです。ほかにもこくごもおぼえたり、さんすうもおぼえたりして、先生のおかげでいろいろとまなべました。でもまだいろいろおぼえないといけないけどがんばります。


September 4, 2018

Student C from Canada

He is my first experience with an online tutor, and I couldn’t be happier. He is a very patient and capable teacher. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Japanese, or any other subject he tutors.

August 26, 2018

Student A from Vietnam


August 12, 2018

Student A from Germany

He’s a really nice guy and he answers you the same question patiently and always tries to help as good as possible. The lessons are funny and they make fun. And remember Sensei, actually I’m fluent in Japanese. I just want to test you when I make a “mistake” 😉 Best wishes from Germany :))

July 25, 2018

Student R from Australia

He is a great tutor he’s easy to talk too and good at explaining the meaning behind the works he teaches とてもいい先生と思います。彼の説明はわかりやすい。

February 23, 2018

Student K from Japan

仕事で使用する集計資料の計算方針についてご指導を頂きました。 最初の相談から、お答えを頂くまで短い時間で応対をいただくことができました。 非常に良い先生です。今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。

January 08, 2018

Student from America

Awesome tutor, great lessons very patient and helpful.

December 08, 2017

Student from Brazil

He is a very interesting teacher. I haven’t had much time to have more lessons, but he is surely a good source of learning. 😉

November 14, 2017

Student C from Canada

Sensei helps me greatly in Japanese conversation. He is patient and adapt his teaching very well. I am getting better at his contact. A lesson with him is an occasion that I never miss.

He graduated at October 31, 2020

Sensei, you helped me a lot yet and I understand it very well. Life is continuously evolving. I am actually lucky that you can hold it for so long and as always I must never take your time for granted. It should have been not be easy for you to see all my mistakes. Thanks for your patience and all the precious notes and advices.

November 02, 2017

Student M from Australia

This tutor was knowledgeable and his tutoring was satisfactory. Good job sensei.

October 25, 2017

Student E from Brazil

Very nice and patient teacher. I had only one lesson but I already got more lessons to learn more!! Highly recommend 先生!

October 23, 2017

Student J from Australia

I can absolutely recommend him as a tutor. He is fun and easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and he picked up where my skill level was, very quickly when I first started. I look forward to catching up with him each lesson as he is well prepared and quick to respond to any questions that I have.

He graduated at October 31, 2020

Thank you Sensei, for all of your patience, time and effort you have spent helping me with learning Japanese and I wish you all the best in the future with your new projects. We all have to find what drives and motivates us and I understand that right now, you need to concentrate on this, so you can move forward on to bigger and better things. Good luck to you my friend, and if you can still fit me in for a chat every now and then, I’ll always be keen. Cheers

December 28, 2016

Student B from Vietnam

Very nice and friendly tutor. His lessons are quite easy to understand even for a beginner like me. Give you 5 stars, teacher 🙂