How to say visit in Japanese

Let’s Not Use “Visit” in Japanese

A lot of students wanna say “visit” in Japanese.

For example

I want to visit Japan.


I visited my grandmother’s house yesterday.

There are a lot of opportunities to use “visit” in English.

The translation usually says “訪(おとず)れる” or “訪問(ほうもん)する.”

However, Japanese people barely use those words for “visit” when using Japanese language.

“Go” is better and easier than “visit” in Japanese

Let’s make it more simple.

Probably, “go” in Japanese is more familiar to most of students.

So, let’s use “行(い)く” instead of “訪(おとず)れる” or “訪問(ほうもん)する.”


I want to go to Japan.

⇒ わたしは 日本(にほん)に 行(い)きたいです。


I went to my grandmother’s house yesterday.

⇒ 昨日(きのう) わたしは おばあちゃんの 家(いえ)に 行(い)きました。

These translations sound more natural.

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