What I Am Doing in Japan

I have already spent three weeks in Japan.

Actually, I did nothing.

Of course I tried some new things.

  • Using eBay to sell my stuff which is not necessary to me any more.
  • Registering new tutor websites to get more students.
  • Registering some companies to get temporary jobs.
  • Making a design of brochure for my tutoring.
  • Learning how to use adobe illustrator.
  • Learning export business.

I did a lot of new things above. However, none of them is going well.

That’s why I think that I have not done nothing so far since I came back Japan.

As I said, I registered some company for temporary jobs. It does not mean that I can get work anytime I want. People who want to work at the day are chosen by company every day. So, my economical situation is still unstable.

Now I understand that I should focus on one thing. Even though I have whole day, if I do many kinds of works, I will be tired soon. So, I am focusing on studying Physics, tutoring online and making some video. They are related to things for social connection.

I would like to get many friends all over the world.

If my tutoring business are succeeded, I can get many friends who are leaning Japanese or Math.

If many people watch my video, I can communicate with those.

Connection with people is power. The number of people who know me is power.

I would like to be influential.

Let’s do something good with me on the world.